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Bichat bags

DetallesPrice: 995€

This procedure gives the person’s face an elongated, angular appearance, reducing the cheeks and making the cheekbones stand out.

  • Procedure: Bags are removed through small incisions made inside the mouth.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: Local
  • Hospitalization: Not required
  • Recovery: Two days; sutures do not need to be removed.
  • Results: Permanent

• It is recommended for those patients who want to shape your face, especially the area of the cheekbone surgery.

• is indicated in patients who lose weight but its "cheeks" do not vary and sometimes report having faced "full moon" or more round.

• It is a surgery that is usually done with local anesthesia, but can also be with sedation or general.

There are two ways for removal depending on the anatomical knowledge. The external approach made through a Face Lift, which is more dangerous in the neighborhood of the facial nerve (buccal and zygomatic branch) with the top of the fat pad. 

This is done with a horizontal incision in the anterior edge of the masseter to 1 cm. below the corner of the mouth; muscle fibers and fat divulsiones appears with a very gentle traction. 

Internal or intraoral approach is the most recommended. It is through an incision at the level of the second premolar. Then he ventured with a blunt tip scissors leading to the temporo-mandibular angle; buccinator muscle fibers are divulsiones and with light pressure on the cheeks appears Bichat ball quickly exposed with a thin, bright capsule. Sometimes a small glass should be coagulated. 

Each cavity is plugged with a dry gauze is removed to complete the procedure. Often no stitches are needed.

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Bichat bags: Aesthetic treatments de Odex Corporación
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